Beautfiul Bedrooms
4th Jun 2011Posted in: Designing, Featured 0

A bedroom is where we feel most completely at home. It’s private, it’s personal and it’s the place we take most comfort. Just becasue the visitors don’t often see it is no reason to ignore it. We sleep about one third of our live, so we spend A LOT of time in our bedrooms. You […]

Property Styling
4th Jun 2011Posted in: Designing, Featured 0

Interior Design isn’t just about interiors. Well actually it is, however exteriors are crucial to how we feel about where we live and work. Exteriors, or property styling, can help to support a fabulous transition from the outside to the inside. Just check out how Sarah Beeny did this with her historical family home Rise […]

Sublime Sunrooms
6th May 2011Posted in: Designing, Featured 1

Sun is so important to us here in the southern continent, especially in winter. Finding colours and textures that work in bright sunlight, that energise and relax and most importantly don’t fade. What is your sun room looking like?