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13th Jun 2011Posted in: Christmas, Designing, Folio 2

Christmas is a festive time or year, especially at Harlequin Designs. Each year a different theme.  

Webster St BnB
11th Jun 2011Posted in: Designing, Folio, Webster St BnB 0

Owners of this delightful centrally situated terrace were planning a B and B with a french theme. The exterior paintwork was softened and original period details were returned to the building. Internally is a comfortable and well appointed property that would appeal to everyone.

Sebastopol Bowling Club
11th Jun 2011Posted in: Designing, Folio, Sebastopol Bowling Club 0

Sebastopol Bowling Club have delivered new and up to date facilities for their club members over the years and have recently revitalised the gaming room and bistro. The new spaces are warm, inviting and spacious with an atmosphere of professionalism that reflects the direction the club is taking. Congratulations to them on the wonderful facilities.

5th Jun 2011Posted in: Designing, Showroom 0

We love seeking out the most fabulous, the most wonderful, the most incredible pieces for our showroom. You can buy them from us direct, or use them for inspiration for your renovation and decorating projects. We load a new showcase every month, so while we can’t guarantee what you see here is what we’ll have […]

St Patrick’s Hall
4th Jun 2011Posted in: Designing, St Patricks Hall 1

The Challenge: To bring an old church hall back to life. The Solution: To use colour and texture in the right combination.

Custom Colours
4th Jun 2011Posted in: Designing, Featured 0

Colour combinations seem so daunting when we are faced with a million swatches at the paint and wallpaper shop. And if you are a newbie to these retail outlets you may as well be a babe in the woods. Finding the right colours, the right textures, the right patterns and the right combinations are my […]

Beautfiul Bedrooms
4th Jun 2011Posted in: Designing, Featured 0

A bedroom is where we feel most completely at home. It’s private, it’s personal and it’s the place we take most comfort. Just becasue the visitors don’t often see it is no reason to ignore it. We sleep about one third of our live, so we spend A LOT of time in our bedrooms. You […]

Property Styling
4th Jun 2011Posted in: Designing, Featured 0

Interior Design isn’t just about interiors. Well actually it is, however exteriors are crucial to how we feel about where we live and work. Exteriors, or property styling, can help to support a fabulous transition from the outside to the inside. Just check out how Sarah Beeny did this with her historical family home Rise […]